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Elizabeth Cabral is a creative director and brand strategist with twenty years experience in the fashion and retail industry. As the Founder of Purpose and Perspective, an editorial platform and creative agency, and as a Founding Partner, Fashion Sector, of SustainChainTM and the U.S. Coalition on Sustainability, Elizabeth collaborates with aligned brands, individuals and innovators in providing unbiased and authentic narratives that advance transparency, quality and altruistic intention. Committed to purposeful engagement and discussion in the world of style, Elizabeth brings forth her industry knowledge and relationships to advance the work of SustainChainTM, a systems based technology platform driving accelerated progress to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through collective action. As we witness a revolution of social and personal consciousness, Elizabeth is grounded in the belief that the fashion industry’s place is at the forefront of innovation and inspiration. Elizabeth’s professional partnerships are defined by purpose-driven content, experiences and a commitment to create a symbiotic relationship with our community and planet. 


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